Strategic Advisory Board

Co-founder Neurophoenix SAS, experienced CEO and Consultant, Dr. SHEPHERD brings a broad and incisive expertise in translation of research innovations to the market in several key therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, and neuroscience to name but a few.

As member of the strategic advisory board, his scientific competence, combined with his business acumen and global network, contribute to the reach and strategic developments is implementing to achieve optimal positioning and market penetration. A Biopharma business leader with a successful track record in the USA, UK, France, Switzerland and Australia, Dr. SHEPHERD has concluded 12 major out-licensing transactions, 3 corporate acquisitions, 6 private investment rounds and participated in 2 IPOs. Having taken three pre-clinical therapeutic products from research to clinical trials, he is well-versed in the requirements of clinical translation essential for achieving the process quality for FDA and EMA certification. This combined experience will be particularly pertinent for the future growth of the company.